Toxic & Refrigerant Gas Sensors

SST Controls range of toxic and refrigerant gas sensors based on NDIR technology are available as sensor only or as a complete transmitter system ready to deploy in the field.

We have the widest range of low GWP refrigerant sensors available with more being tested and added as new gases are developed.

Available with Modbus RTU, 4-20mA, UART, voltage or bridge outputs for integration into systems or with stainless steel enclosures for immediate deployment, and fully temperature compensated across -40degC (-40F) to +60degC (140F).

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Toxic & Refrigerant Gas Sensor Products

Toxic & Refrigerants

Toxic & Refrigerant Gas Sensors

SIL2 rated NDIR sensors in 32mm sizes measuring Hydrocarbons and Refrigerant gases in ranges of 0-100%LEL and 0-2000ppm of HFO/HFC/ HCFC gases. ATEX/IECEX approvals options also available.

Case study information

Perishable products such as fruit and vegetables are still metabolising once picked. This means that the Oxygen (O₂) in the atmosphere is being consumed and producing heat, Carbon Dioxide (CO₂), moisture and possibly ethylene gas. The vegetation is ripening and will eventually degrade to an undesirable state.

As a result, shipping and storing perishable food can be a challenge to ensure the product’s integrity whilst in transit. There are 4 extremely important factors to consider when transporting perishable foods – quality, temperature, relative humidity and gas concentration; Quality – Fruit and vegetables need to be of good initial quality;  Temperature – Each 10⁰C reduction halves the rate of metabolism; Relative Humidity – Just 2% loss of water is extremely detrimental to quality; Controlled Atmosphere – Reduction of oxygen concentration from 21% to 2% results in approximately a 30% reduction in metabolism.

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