Temperature & Relative Humidity Sensors

SST Controls provides temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for industrial and commercial use.

Our combined temperature, humidity, dew point plus additional input display, transmitter and controller provides relay or variable analogue outputs for alarm or vent control plus Modbus RS485 connectivity to BMS systems

High temperature humidity and water vapour pressure measurement and control system help with process control and quality within baking ovens and industrial processing.

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Temperature & Humidity Sensor Products

Temperature Probes

Temperature probes in PT100/PT1000 and K type thermocouples with a head mount transmitter provide a wide range of options for monitoring accurate temperatures in industrial processes. Optional hazardous area approval transmitter heads also available.

iQsens-2 input

iQsens Intelligent Two Channel Display Controller

The iQsens universal input two channel display and controller with relays and 4-20mA signals is an inexpensive IP65 rated unit suitable for industrial use. Optional built in or cabled temperature and humidity probes add environmental parameter options. Modbus RTU slave allows data to be remotely displayed. Ideal for display and alarm on two 4-20mA inputs.

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