Carbon Dioxide Sensors

SST’s leads the world in innovative technologies. Our range of CO2 sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications in industrial, medical, horticultural, building management and refrigeration leak detection. Utilising advanced NDIR technology SST Controls sensors are non-depleting and highly selective to CO2. Available in various ranges to suit most applications and budgets, our sensors are industry proven for integration into your system.

Also available in housed smart transmitters for a quick fit application within air quality, refrigerant monitoring or CO2 build up alarming. SIL2, ATEX and IECEX approved sensors are also available (see Hazardous Area Sensors)

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Carbon Dioxide Sensor Products


Carbon Dioxide Sensors

Worlds lowest power CO2 sensors with the fastest time to reading and across ambient and process CO2 ranges. Available as sensors only or built into a ready made control/ monitoring system.

Case study information

SprintIR6S high-speed CO2 sensor is  used in breath analysis or capnography and can reveal a number of medical issues such as heart and lung problems by analysing the rapidly changing CO2 content of exhaled air. However, until now, this has required expensive, mains-powered machines which effectively limits the use to laboratories, hospitals etc. Many readings per second are needed to monitor how the CO2 levels are changing. LEDs are virtually instant on/off, unlike traditional IR sources that can take seconds or minutes to heat up and stabilise, and thus can be pulsed to give up to 20 readings per second. Speed and accuracy are akin to the previous generation, mains-powered machines.

Additionally, the sample size for breath analysis has to be very small. The new SprintIR6S that only needs 2ml per sample in its dome-shaped, gas detection chamber so that the breathing pattern of the patient is not affected. It also requires so little power that it can be battery powered. This opens up a whole new field of application solutions that was not possible before as handheld breath analysis devices can be made at a fraction of the cost of the previous generation of mains-powered, breath analysis machines.

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