Control of liquid levels within tanks and pressure vessels is simple with sensors and systems designed and manufactured by SST. Simple to fit sensors and optional controllers provide complete solutions for most tank fill and drain control.

SST’s range of optical liquid level switches made in various materials for different media compatibility and various process threads and electrical connections have been produced for over 10 years and are an improved method over float switches for point level detection. Low profile and with no moving parts these sensors provide reliable detection of the presence or absence of most liquids.

Combined with a DIN rail controller or wall or panel mount control display, overspill protection and pump run dry prevention is simple to set up. SST Controls ultrasonic and submersible hydrostatic level sensors provide linear 4-20mA accurate level measurements that complement the SST optical point detection level switches.

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Tank Level Products

Optical Liquid Level Switches (directs to

The SST liquid level sensors are solid state. When the sensing tip is immersed in liquid, the infra-red light from the sensor escapes making the output change state. The sensor can detect the presence or absence of almost any liquid type; oil or water based. It is insensitive to ambient light and is not affected by foam when in air or by small bubbles when in liquid.

smartSENS- multi-tank remote control system

The smartSENS controller when configured with analog and digital input cards takes multiple sensor inputs and provides timer and PID control of tankfill and drain processes. With Ethernet communication the smartSENS can email on alarm, indicate locally any alarms and send a signal via Modbus TCP/IP to a control centre for remote monitoring


iQdisp Intelligent Process Control Display

The iQDisp singe channel display controller is IP67 rated and provides a complete control and display solution for a single sensor input. Supplied with modbus RTU comms the iQDisp can be installed stand-alone or as part of a larger control installation. With local relay override the iQDisp ensures total control of your application

LMK458H Submersible Level Sensor

The LMK 458H hydrostatic pressure level sensor is a fully certified sensor with ATEX Zone 0 and 20, Lloyds Register, DNV, CCS, and ABS approvals. Submersible, thread or flange fittings make the LMK 458H ideal for tank level monitoring of a variety of liquids 4-20mA and HART outputs with ability to rescale the range and made in 316L Stainless steel.

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Ultrasonic level measurement is one of the most reliable and simplest to install methods for fill level monitoring in liquid carrying tanks. Combining the SST Ultrasonic level sensor with its analog, modbus and relay outputs and detecting high and low levels with the SST single point optical liquid level switches, provides a complete kit for fail-safe fluid level measurement and control.

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