The oil and gas industry is a unique environment to work in with its high operating costs and range of hazardous areas. Safety is of prime concern and equipment must be rugged and reliable with repeatable results all operating in the most extreme conditions.

SST Controls have developed a unique range of  gas, liquid and pressure measuring equipment with safety at its core. SST Controls have designed some unique products that address real world solutions to reduce maintenance, increase productivity and provide essential information without delay.

Our ATEX Zone 0 pressure and temperature logger with high pressure fittings is ideal for wellhead logging where data can be downloaded without removal of the sensor from the process line. SST’s Intrinsically safe and EXD sensors provide industry standard outputs for flammable and toxic gas sensing in hazardous areas.

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Oil & Gas Products

Pressure Digital Manometer

Pressure Digital Manometer

The Pressure Digital Manometer from SST Controls is available in ranges up to 32,000psi (2200 barG) and has a unique removable display to download data without interrupting or removing the sensor from the process line. The data logger is also ATEX Zone 0 compliant.

Hazardous Area 4-20mA output gas sensors

SST Controls have a wide range of NDIR based gas sensors fitted within ATEX and IECEX EXD certified housings providing 4-20mA and Modbus outputs. Gases include: CO2, CH4, C5H12, C4H10, C3H8, C3H6, C2H6O, C2H4F2, R-134a, R-125, R-1234yf, R-404a, R-407a, R-410a, R-507, SF6, C2H4

ATEX Temperature Sensor

SST Controls range of industrial temperature probes are available in PT100/ PT1000 or J/K/T type thermocouples. Any probe length in stainless steel or Inconel are available with or without an IS head mount transmitter.

Case study information

Recording Pressure and Temperature in Hazardous Area Zone 0 locations is now simpler and faster with the SST Pressure logger. With a unique hot swappable battery powered logging display, the loggers data can quickly be downloaded in the safe area without interruption of the pressure sensor module. Fitting the display onto any pressure sensor uploads the sensor serial number and range to the logger to allow multiple logs to be created and downloaded saving time and the cost of purchasing multiple complete loggers. Less movement of the pressure sensor means more life out of the threads and with high overpressure ratings, pressure spike damage is reduced.

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