The industrial equipment sector includes a diverse set of industries from mobile complex machinery to large scale process and construction industry plant. Companies in these sectors all have a common objective to improve performance and quality while maintaining tight budget control.

Our range of equipment is purposely designed to be as flexible as possible to allow users to realise precise control and monitoring solutions with options to expand later without purchasing complete new systems. Industrial products group can be combined with customer’s own sensors or SST’s range of sensors and displays for a one stop solution.

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Industrial Products

smartSENS Configurable Multi-Channel Control System

The smartSENS display controller provides users with a simple multichannel control system to retrieve data from multiple sensors and monitor and act upon any input. With Modbus master capabilities the smartSENS can retrieve information from compatible sensors and displays and log this data for action upon

iQsens Intelligent Two Channel Display Controller

The iQsens universal input two channel display and controller with IP65 rating suitable for industrial use. Optional built in or cabled temperature and humidity probes add environmental parameter options. Modbus RTU slave allows data to be remotely displayed and acted upon. Ideal for displaying and alarming on two 4-20mA inputs.


iQdisp Intelligent Process Control Display

The iQDisp singe channel display controller is IP67 rated and provides a complete control and display solution for a single sensor input. Supplied with Modbus RTU comms the iQDisp can be installed stand-alone or as part of a larger control installation. With local relay override the iQDisp ensures total control of your application.

Case Study Information

Monitoring and Control of industrial processes is made simple with the smartSENS and smartSENSmini configurable controllers for almost any application in flow, level, pressure, temperature and gas analysis. Simple to setup with no programming knowledge required, the SST smartSENS provides industry standard inputs and outputs with timer, PID and logic control to create batch, dose, switching and display indication of process parameters. Process excursions can easily be monitored and recorded with the in-built datalogging capability and RS485 communication and Modbus Master and Slave capabilities as standard further expand the capabilities.

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