OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyser

The Oxy-flex probe O2 analyser is a fast response oxygen sensor with DIP switch selectable options for oxygen ranges of 25% and 100% O2 with 4-20mA, 0-10VDC and RS232 outputs.

Ideal for inserting into flue gases, baking ovens, ceramic kilns, etc.

Designed initially for flue gas analysis the Oxy-flex probe is an oxygen sensor for up to 400degC applications with externally triggered automatic or manual calibration function.

Available in two probe lengths of 220mm and 400mm the Oxy-flex has selective output filtering to enable dynamic fast measurements or slow and stable outputs.

  • High accuracy linear output
  • Externally triggered automatic or manual calibration
  • Can be calibrated in fresh air (20.7% O2) or to any other known O2 concentration
  • Selectable output filtering allows adaptive, fast and dynamic or slow and stable output
  • No reference gas required. Calibration can be performed in fresh air
  • Suitable for up to 400degC (750degF) operating temperatures.
  • Analysis of oxygen in combustion processes
  • Boiler gas trim control
  • Waste incineration systems
  • High temperature water vapour and humidity measurements
  • Furnace emission reduction
  • Boiler breeching in-situ analysis
  • Composting applications

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