OXY-Comm Oxygen Transmitter

The OXY-COMM Zirconia Oxygen Analyser is designed for controlled atmosphere applications such as refrigerated transportation containers and fire prevention. 

The OXY-COMM Zirconia Oxygen Analyser combines a high accuracy zirconium dioxide oxygen sensor with a networkable, fault tolerant RS485 interface. The oxygen analyser is mounted under a stainless steel hood to protect it from the environment. The IP65 waterproof die-cast aluminium housing accommodates the electronics and has a 4-pole M12 connector to allow multiple devices to be interconnected.
  • 8—15VDC supply voltage with reverse polarity and transient overvoltage protection
  • Networkable, fault tolerant RS485 interface, short circuit and overvoltage protection
  • Can be calibrated in fresh air (20.7% O2) or to any other known O2 concentration
  • Barometric pressure compensation
  • Refrigerated transportation containers
  • Protecting historical artefacts against oxidation
  • Fire prevention in facilities such as server rooms, or document storage
  • Freezer and refrigeration control
  • Incubators and reduced atmosphere chambers

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