Analyse, trend and data log for test and process optimisation. SST is the leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke oxygen sensors utilising unique technologies to provide best in class sensing capabilities.

By combining over 15 years experience in gas analysis with cutting edge sensors we manufacture, as well as tried and tested sensors from our sales partners, SST Controls have developed a range of analyzers that are not a one size fits all solution.

We design, customise, manufacture and configure products to your application and requirement. Add a datalogging option. Trend and excursion monitoring. Add some temperature or flow measurements and combine the data. SST Controls have the solution for you.

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Gas Analysis Products

Gas Analysis Probe (GAP)

The GAP Gas Analysis Probe for combustion optimisation and burner trim applications up to 700degC (1300degF) is an in-situ all in one control and transmitter oxygen analyzer. With bright LED display, Modbus RS485, two 4-20mA and two relay outputs, the GAP is perfectly designed for ease of maintenance and precise analysis.

OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyser

For simple fitting and fast determination of oxygen percentages with 4-20mA or 0-10VDC outputs and RS232 communication the Oxy-Flex Oxygen analyser is a low cost fit and forget probe transmitter for temperatures up to 400degC (750degF)

OXY-Comm Oxygen Transmitter

Remote monitoring via RS485 Modbus allows the Oxy-Comm oxygen analyser to be integrated into control systems easily and allow multiple units to be monitored. Originally designed for reefer container produce transportation and reduced atmosphere and control.

smartSENS Analyser- Configurable gas analyser

The smartSENS analyser is an SST Controls built configurable product with options for various gases, with the addition of extra analog and digital inputs as needed. Graphing function, alarms, datalogging, automated control of fill and drain, remote monitoring and email alerts.

Case study information

Controlled or modified atmospheres can considerably increase the storage life of certain fruit and vegetable cargoes. SST’s OXY-COMM Zirconia Oxygen Sensor was designed to prolong the life of perishable food within refrigerated, controlled and modified atmospheres by accurately measuring the oxygen concentration.

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