Data logging of multiple parameters with a simple to use interface and selectable data retrieval options are the core of the SST data monitoring range.

SST’s range of simple to use data loggers provide a reliable record of physical and calculated parameters with easy retrieval of data via USB or Ethernet.

The ability to simultaneously record and control each parameter and set selectable recording conditions, limits data retrieval to the specific areas of interest. Email alarms provide immediate notification of any excursions from  the process.

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Data Logging Products

smartSENS Configurable Large Memory Data Logger

The smartSENS display has built in data-logging capability for up to 1 billion measurements at up to 10Hz. Configurable inputs for almost all sensor types including analog, digital, thermocouples, RTD’s, and Modbus sensors. Data retrieval via USB stick, Ethernet web interface, or RS485.

Digital Pressure Logger

Digital Pressure Logger

The Digital Pressure Logger from SST Controls is available in ranges up to 32,000psi (2200 barG) and has a unique removable display to download data without interrupting or removing the sensor from the process line. The data logger is also ATEX Zone 0 compliant.

Case study information

Reliable datalogging of process parameters is essential for quality validation, process excursion monitoring and operator error tracking and remediation. SST Control’s universal input configurable dataloggers provide up to 1 billion measurements at up to 10Hz log rates with data transferable via USB, Ethernet or RS485 and remote communication and email alarms/ schedules sent when needed.

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