Control of a system or process is key to modern manufacturing efficiency. The temperature and humidity within a greenhouse, or the monitoring and control of combustion O2 trim within a burner. SST Controls have a controller that easily adjusts to your application

The ability to apply logical parameters, along with timer and PID control provides a complete system for most process control. Selectable inputs and outputs plus remote connectivity and alarming make SST Controls products uniquely suited to provide easy simple controlling.

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Control Products

smartSENS Multi-Channel Control System

The smartSENS display controller provides users with a simple multichannel control system to retrieve data from multiple sensors and monitor and act upon any input. With Modbus master capabilities the smartSENS can retrieve information from compatible sensors and displays and log this data for easy record keeping.

SIL2 Rated Trip Amplifier

In safety critical applications ensuring reliability of signals is paramount. The 4116 trip amplifier is SIL 2 rate, UL and DNV-GL approved for marine use. Powered via mains or DC voltage each provides a DC transmitter supply. With inputs for RTD, TC, Ohm, potentiometer, mA and Volts, 4-20mA output and two relay control circuits, the 4116 allow reliable process control of most industrial sensors.

iQsens Two Channel Display Controller

The iQSens is a smart display and controller with two universal inputs plus options of changing one input to a temperature and humidity sensor built-in or on a cable mount probe. Two relay outputs or 1 relay plus a 4-20mA output options and inputs for RTD, TC, mA and DC Volts.

Case Study Information

Optimisation of the combustion process using SST’s Zirconia oxygen probes is a tried and tested method of maintaining an efficient and cost effective burner process. By inserting the probes into the flue the percentage of oxygen can be monitored and fed back to an SST controller from multiple probes where data can be easily accessed and acted upon. Remote aggregation of signals via Modbus or analog inputs allows Modbus TCP/IP or RS485 to be directed back to a SCADA system for control room monitoring and remote control. Onboard relays and proportional 4-20mA outputs provide open/close control as well as actuator and servo inputs for variable output control.

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