smartSENS Multi-Channel Control System

The SST Controls smartSENS monitor, controller and datalogger is a configurable system with options for almost all sensor inputs and outputs. With its display allowing site specific backgrounds and automatic scrolling of graphs, gauges, and bargraphs plus optional datalogging and remote capabilities, the smartSENS monitor and controller meets the needs of most industrial applications.

The smartSENS monitor and controller comes in two forms. The mini version is a rack mount or desktop mount unit with a 3.4″ touch screen display for up to 48 inputs.

The smartSENS wall mount version has a 5.7″ display and can take up to 72 inputs.

The inputs in both can be voltage, current, digital state or pulse, thermocouple RTD’s and most Modbus RTU sensors or displays.

Outputs for 4-20mA , relays plus Modbus master or slave capability and Ethernet connectivity.

Datalogging capability of logging all channels at 10Hz and recording 250,000,000 samples.

  • Fully configurable product with flow meter for gas sample inputs
  • Customisable inputs and outputs to add additional measurement parameters.
  • Site specific pages within HMI touchscreen interface.
  • Onboard calculations to minimise post processing of data
  • Remote monitoring and email alarm capabilities via Ethernet port
  • Run multiple tests concurrently on separate screens
  • Supplied with software for graphing, simple analysis and conversion to CSV
  • Gas Analysis applications in labs and industrial processes.
  • Tank farm monitoring and control
  • Pressure, temperature and flow control and logging
  • Temperature profiling and monitoring
  • Timer based control system
  • Modbus aggregator from remote RTU’s
  • Mixed sensor data monitoring
  • Remote data monitor with email alarms
  • Pump drain and fill level controller

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