Screwfit Zirconia Oxygen Probe

The Screwfit Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System offers a complete solution, removing the need for customers to develop their own electronics. Frequently used in combustion control systems, burning coal, oil, gas and biomass and in oxygen generation systems.

The Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System consists of SST’s fast response (<4s T90) zirconium dioxide (ZrO₂) screw fit sensor in conjunction with the OXY-LC oxygen sensor interface board. this board comes in either Modbus RS485 communication or an Analog version with 0-10V or 4-20mA outputs.

  • Zirconium dioxide technology
  • Interface electronics included
  • Integral heating element
  • Variety of probe mounting positions available; 28mm, 45mm & 55mm
  • M18x1.5 screw mounting
  • All stainless steel construction both internally and externally
  • Long life
  • No reference gas required creating the ability to measure a wide oxygen range
  • Non-depleting technology
  • Linear output signal
  • No need for temperature stabilisation
  • Can be used in high pressure and temperature environments
  • Simple recalibration if/when required
  • Analysis of oxygen in combustion processes
  • Boiler gas trim control
  • Waste incineration systems
  • High temperature water vapour and humidity measurements
  • Furnace emission reduction
  • Boiler breeching in-situ analysis
  • Composting applications

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OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyser

Oxy-Flex Oxygen analyser. Provides an all in one probe with electronics mounted at the end for 0-10V, 4-20mA or RS232 outputs. Range and outputs selectable via DIP switches. Complete with mating electrical connector. Up to 400mm probe lengths and 400degC temperatures.



iQDisp 4-20mA waterproof display with relay outputs. Connects to the analog output from the Oxy-LC board for remote display and relay control/alarm. Option of one 4-20mA retransmission plus a relay output,  or two relay outputs without 4-20mA retransmission.

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