SST has been the market leader in the design and manufacture of sensors for combustion efficiency for many years. Our sensors are in use across the globe to reduce emissions and optimise fuel usage.

SST Controls have a core sensor that is packaged into various probes. Our unique technology means no reference gas is required, optimal response times over wide operating temperatures, and a choice of outputs create a range of products that fits most burner and boiler applications.

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Combustion Optimisation and Trim Products

Gas Analysis Probe (GAP)

The GAP Gas Analysis Probe for combustion optimisation and flue gas trim applications up to 700degC (1300degF) is an in-situ all in one control and transmitter oxygen analyzer. With bright LED display, Modbus RS485, two 4-20mA and two relay outputs, the GAP is perfectly designed for ease of maintenance and precise analysis.

OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyser

For simple fitting and fast determination of oxygen percentages with 4-20mA or 0-10VDC outputs and RS232 communication the Oxy-Flex Oxygen analyser is a low cost fit and forget probe transmitter for temperatures up to 400degC (750degF)

Screwfit Zirconia Oxygen Probe

The SST Screwfit ZrO2 probe provides a threaded connection and three stainless steel probe lengths to fit into most applications. Connected to a separate electronics board allows the board to be fitted into existing panels to provide analog or Modbus RS485 options.

smartSENS Multi-Channel Control System

The smartSENS is an SST Controls built configurable display/ controller with options to connect to multiple Modbus enabled O2 sensors plus extra analog, temperature and digital inputs as needed. Graphing function, alarms, datalogging, automated control and remote calibration, remote monitoring and email alerts.

Case study information

Stringent emissions regulations and reducing operating costs are typically polar opposites to modern industrial companies. However one area where they align are within the optimization of combustion processes. By improving the performance and efficiency of burner and boiler processes SST’s Gas Analysis Probes monitor and control the optimal air to fuel ratio to minimise NO2 emissions and at the same time reduce fuel costs and improve profitability.

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