The iQSens is a smart display and controller with temperature, humidity, dew point either internal or on a cable plus a separate input for one analog sensor (O2, CO2. NO2, air flow, differential pressure, RTD, TC, 4-20mA, etc).

As a display the iQsens will show all values as well as any calculated channels and any Modbus connected sensors. As a controller the unit is configurable with up to 2 relay outputs and 2 analogue outputs for any of the parameters being measured or calculated.

With RS485 Modbus RTU capability, remote communication with single or multiple units allows both local and remote controller options.

Programming is via soft touch front buttons on the IP65 display or via an IR transmitter or supplied software.

  • Stand alone or networkable display/controller
  • IP65 multi channel display
  • Configurable 4-20mA/0-10VDC analog and digital/relay outputs
  • Low profile aesthetically pleasing case for wall mounting
  • Temperature and humidity probe options to match environment
  • Universal input additional channel
  • RS485 Modbus RTU communication as standard
  • Air Quality display and control
  • Cleanroom environment control
  • Environmental alarm system
  • Building management system interface
  • Duct air monitoring system
  • Room comfort monitor
  • Warehouse environment control
  • Archive monitoring
  • Museum artefact security

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smartSENS Controller and Monitor

smartSENS controller and monitor is a simple touchscreen PLC SCADA controller with Modbus master functionality to control the iQSens and ability to accept additional inputs such as temperature, flow, 4-20mA’s etc. Timer functionality to create automatic calibration and proportional and relay outputs.



iQDisp 4-20mA waterproof single channel display with relay outputs.

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