Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) gas sensor for ambient air monitoring using dual wavelength technology. The iQr Refrigerant Gas Monitor is especially designed for refrigeration leak detection in small concentration ranges (2000 ppm range) for wall mounting.

The iQr can be utilised as a refrigerants detector for up to 5 gases (R134a, R125, R404a, R407a, R410a) in industrial refrigeration facilities but can also be used for ambient air monitoring in the field of air conditioning devices.

Other scopes of applications comprise continuous gas monitoring in controlled environment chambers and food storage rooms as well as usage for various areas of scientific research.

Coloured LED lights indicate the device status at any time and the on-board pressure compensation allows for precise gas measurement regardless of where the iQr is installed. The iQr offers IP54 protection as well as a fast gas exchange for reliable and safe operation. A robust design allows for operation even in dirty or challenging environments.

Analog and Modbus outputs allow simple interfacing options to most control BMS or SCADA systems.

  • Broadband NDIR sensor for multi gas detection
  • Fast T90 response time
  • Compact wall mount IP54 enclosure
  • Detection of CO2, CH4, C3H8, SF6 and most HFO gases.
  • Modbus and analog outputs
  • Zero and span calibration by push button or software
  • Calibration cap option for direct flow of cal gas


  • Hotel Air Conditioning
  • Food Storage Rooms
  • Industrial Refrigeration
  • Food Transportation
  • Research and Laboratories
  • Controlled environment chambers
  • Food storage rooms
  • Ambient air monitoring

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