Monitoring Air Quality in hotels, offices, schools and hospitals is made simple with the SST Controls range of stand-alone and networkable transmitters. We can supply intelligent transmitters to monitor CO2, O2, NO2, CO, SO2, Temperature and Humidity. Standalone units or RTU’s with easy connection to BMS/SCADA systems.

Fast response and highly configurable air quality monitors with local or remote alarm capabilities. From simple single point gas monitors to multi-room refrigeration leak detection SST Controls have air quality monitoring solutions to fit any installation.

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Air Quality & Refrigeration Products

AQM Configurable Ambient Air Quality Alarm Transmitter

Designed for easy fitting within a standard wall mount electrical pattress box, this single or twin gas alarm transmitter takes a variety of gas cells and can optionally measure temperature and humidity in addition. Output signals in 4-20mA or RS485 with optional relays and buzzer. Three LED’s indicate alarm levels and status.

iQr Intelligent HFO Low GWP Refrigerant Transmitter

The iQr intelligent controller utilises the latest NDIR technology to monitor low GWP refrigerants as well as CO2, CH4, SF6 gases with Modbus RTU/ASCII and 4-20mA outputs.

iQsens Intelligent Multi Channel Display Controller

Built in or cabled temperature and humidity probe plus inputs for additional sensors with dew point and calculated channels all displayed on a multi channel screen. One or two 4-20mA or 0-10VDC outputs, Modbus RTU slave and up to two adjustable relay outputs. Ideal for controlled atmospheres, cleanrooms, duct gas or flow alarming.

Case study information

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring in offices and schools is critical to the comfort and operation of a building. It provides necessary notification to the occupants when a desired parameter is breached so that necessary intervention and ventilation can take place to maintain comfort levels as well as the preservation of the internal building fabric and reduction of mould growth on internal surfaces.

SST Controls AQM provides configurable options including traffic light systems for local indication and and communication and control outputs for automated ventilation

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