Instrument Applications

SST Controls range of modular hardware provides complete sensing solutions with easy future expansion using industry standard outputs and protocols. Plug and play instrument solutions fully assembled setup and tested by our instrument technicians. Our systems are pre-configured to address the engineering challenges of today helping engineers to integrate systems and sensors simply and faster. Solutions customised for applications quickly assembled, tested, delivered and supported.

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Gas Analysis Applications

Gas Analysis

Analyse, trend and data log for test and process optimisation

Air Quality & Refrigeration Applications

Air Quality & Refrigeration

Instruments for monitoring oxygen levels, CO2, VOC, NH3, temperature and humidity

Agriculture Applications


Monitor and control CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, dew point and PAR

Industrial Applications


Process optimisation and control with real-time data and simple PLC functionality. Remote access to data

Oil & Gas / Biogas Applications

Oil & Gas / Biogas

Solutions designed for hazardous area usage for applications in temperature, pressure, flow and gas sensing

Tank Level Applications

Tank Level

Complete control systems for monitoring of liquid levels in tanks using SST Sensing liquid level sensors.

Combustion Optimisation & Trim Applications

Combustion Optimisation & Trim

Optimising burner and boiler combustion with high temperature in process O2 sensors and temperature sensors.

Data Logging Applications

Data Logging

Record, monitor and alarm with simple systems designed for easy datalogging of multi parameters. Expandable in the future.

Control Applications


From simple high current relay control and displays to modular PLC and SCADA with networking and email capabilities.