ATEX Pressure and Temperature

SST Controls have a range of hazardous area sensors for monitoring of gases, pressures and temperatures. Explosive proof housings and ATEX certification options combined with a wide range of sensors for applications in oil and gas, refrigeration, chemical plants and recycling industries.

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Hazardous Area Pressure and Temperature

digital pressure gauge

Digital Pressure Gauge

The Digital Pressure Gauge from SST Controls is available in ranges up to 32,000psi (2200 barG) and has a unique removable display to download data without interrupting or removing the sensor from the process line. The data logger is also ATEX Zone 0 compliant.

LMK-458H Hydrostatic Level Sensor

The LMK 458H hydrostatic pressure level sensor is a fully certified sensor with ATEX Zone 0 and 20, Lloyds Register, DNV, CCS, and ABS approvals. Submersible, thread or flange fittings make the LMK 458H ideal for tank level monitoring of a variety of liquids 4-20mA and HART outputs with ability to rescale the range and made in 316L Stainless steel.

Hazardous Area Temperature Probe

Temperature probes in PT100/PT1000 and K type thermocouples with an ATEX certified transmitter head provide a wide range of options for monitoring accurate temperatures in hazardous areas.

Case study information

Monitoring pressures in hazardous areas requires instruments with unique capabilities to withstand the rigours of offshore use. SST’s Zone 0 pressure and temperature datalogger provides reliable measurements up to 32,000psi with high accuracy and low cost. Ideal for wellhead measurement, riser pressure monitoring and rig floor hydraulics. With it’s unique two piece construction, the pressure transmitter can remain in place while the logging display is taken to the safe area for download without interrupting process lines and maintaining process integrity.

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