FAQ’s About:

Does the logger display both pressure and temperature?

Yes, both actual pressure and actual temperature are displayed along with the minimum and maximums of both.

Can the readings of minimum and maximum be reset?

The minimum and maximums can be reset via button pushes on the display.

How fast are the readings sampled and recorded?

The sample speed is adjustable to look at the sensor 50x per second, 20x per second or 1x per second. The recording or logging speed is adjustable from 50Hz to minutes and hours.

Can the logging be started and stopped via the front panel?

Yes, The display has three buttons to enter and scroll through the menus. Sample and logging speed can be adjusted and tag or log description entered to create separate files in memory.

Can the logger be connected to multiple transmitters without connection to a pc?

Yes, the display head can be pulled from the pressure transmitter and immediately be connected to another pressure transmitter. The pressure transmitter transmits the serial number and pressure range to the display.

If I am logging one transmitter and pull the display off that one will the file corrupt?

No. As soon as the display head senses the removal of a pressure transmitter it stops logging and closes the file. When you then reconnect to the same or a different pressure transmitter you will need to scroll through to “datalogging” and start another log. The unit will not automatically start logging.

Can the logger be connected to a pc to log data directly to it?

No. The logging is only internal to the display. It can be connected to a pc to see current readings and for calibration and configuration. The unit can NOT be connected to a pc while in a hazardous area and the back cover hiding the interface connection on the display, not removed until in a safe area.

Can the units of measurement be changed?

The logger records both pressure and temperature and both units of measurement can be changed on the display or via the pc interface (bar, psi, mmHg, etc, and C, F or Kelvin.

What happens when the memory is full?

The logger can be set to overwrite the oldest data or stop recording when full. Both options are settable via the pc software or via the front panel buttons.

If the pressure transmitter is damaged, is a complete new system required?

Subject to repair analysis, worst case a new pressure transmitter might be needed but the old display will continue to work with the new transmitter which minimises replacement costs.