Wellhead Pressure Monitoring

Measurement of high pressures and temperatures in environments where it is likely there may be explosive gases just got easier.

The SST Controls digital recording manometer has some unique features that make the measurement process simple and painless and is certified for use in Zone 0 areas.

By thinking about what an engineer needs and the application, SST Controls have introduced a system that reduces both downtime and turnaround time for data acquisition.

Our pressure recorder has two components.

  • A high pressure process transducer in ranges up to 32000 psi with common autoclave F250C (9/16-18 UNF) threads.
  • A rugged digital display showing pressure, temperature and peak pressure and a built-in recording function

Connection and disconnection of the display from the transmitter can be performed in a Zone o environment allowing the display to be taken back to the safe area for data download.

As the display automatically finds the pressure transmitter serial number and range when connected, multiple logs can be created by fitting the display to multiple sensors in the hazardous area prior to download in the safe area.

By separating the pressure transmitter from the recording display, SST’s logger ensures that the transducer’s process thread is kept in the sensing medium (liquid or gas), allowing the process to continue while data is being offloaded from the separated display.

Keeping the transmitter in place also prevents thread damage from continuous removal/ replacement and over-torqueing.

SST Controls range of high pressure transducers in ranges of 14500, 23200, 29000 and 32000 psi have high overpressure ratings to minimise the chances of pressure spike problems.

With their high accuracy of 0.05% the pressure logger can also be used as a reference gauge for calibrating other pressure transducers in the field.

Protected to IP67 the pressure logger display has three soft touch buttons for configuration to pressure units, zero point calibration, datalogging options and backlight settings.

Powered using three user replaceable Duracell Plus AA (LR6) batteries, the battery life of 2000 hours in standard use or 5 years in standby mode ensures long term measurement integrity.

The provided datalogging software is simple and straightforward. With the USB cable you can download the data to a CSV file and record the serial number/name pressure and temperature values (if selected).

Supplied with a calibration certificate traceable to National Standard with UKAS certification as an option the SST Pressure Logger is ready to deploy in the field.

Technical support is available by phone or email directly with the design engineers who can immediately answer any questions and speed up installation and commissioning.

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