SST Controls Purchase Environmental Chamber for Product Qualification

SST manufacture 1000’s of sensors each week and every one of these are fully tested prior to despatch.

With increasing demand for SST’s sensors we have invested in several climatic test chambers to continue with the qualification of our sensors within multiple applications and help us to remain a trusted supplier to industry.

Testing our products using environmental test chambers helps to improve product reliability and quality, reduce warranty costs, increase profitability through expanding the conditions in which SST’s sensors can be used, and meet the requirements and specifications that customers demand.

Our newest chamber installed in our R & D lab allows us to exactly control the cycling of temperature across  a range of -70degC to +180degC (-94F to 356F) and humidity from 10% to 98%.







Fully automated, calibrated and linked to our quality data logging system this chamber is primarily being used for product validation but our design engineers are also using it both for product improvement as well as conceptual designs.

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